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Our experience with businesses in all types of industries shows that there are three key components to a healthy and productive network:

  • The application of current security patches and updates

  • Current anti-virus/anti-spyware protection

  • Effective spam filtering

With TechBach RMM you enjoy all of this and more:


TechBach customers enjoy the peace of mind provided by our TechBach RMM Service. TechBach RMM provides valuable insight into the overall health of your network and the health of each workstation and server in your office. Each computer has a agent that tracks important elements such as disk space, event logs and other unique features of the workstation. This information is reported to TechBach and retained to provide you with monthly reports, assist with routine PC maintenance and most importantly, alert you to potential problems. If and when there is a problem, this historical information becomes vital to both the identification and quick resolution of the issue.

PC Maintenance: 
We keep each of your systems in top shape by keeping temporary folders and files clean and running regular Disk Defragmentation.

We will make sure all backups are completed successfully and take the worry out of possible failures.  Disaster recovery as all your backups are stored offsite.

Network Monitoring/Alerts:
We can provide prompt notification of hardware changes, software changes, low disk space, detection of new devices on the LAN and other important changes taking place on your network.

Monthly Reporting: 
Our technical staff will review your network monthly and send you an easy-to-understand report on the health of your network.

Patch Management:
We take the guesswork out of system patches. Simple reporting will show you what patches were installed each month.

Virus & Spyware Scans and Removal: 

We perform weekly scans and remove offending programs.

Remote Support:
Our system health agent allows us to provide remote control of your systems so we can collaborate with you and resolve problems remotely, saving you time and money.


3rd Party App Updates:

Updates apps such as Adobe and Java to stay protected and on the newest releases.

Web Protection, Website Monitoring, Email Monitoring, Mobile Device Managment and more...

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